Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taking a break from blogging

 Dear Friends,

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry that I have not been able to reply to your comments and visit your blogs. Thank you for your love and prayers.

I have been down with an inner ear virus infection that caused vertigo and dizziness. Vertigo is a form of dizziness that gives the impression as if my surrounding is spinning or my head is spinning and I will lose balance and fall. I also experience nausea and shortness of breath at times. I feel tired easily. These symptoms limited my ability to sit up, stand and walk. Thank God that I am slightly better after some medication by a doctor. Now I can sit up for short intervals of time. I thank God for His keeping daily. I am comforted that He is with me in this affliction. Now I understand the distress that a person with vertigo goes through and I may be able to comfort him/her with God's presence in time of need.

I read the following very encouraging sharing from Streams in the Desert. May God draw us closer to Himself and make us what He wants us to be. It is an encouragement to remember that we are held and sheltered by the Lord and admist the difficult trials of life, nothing can hurt us. We can dwell safely because we dwell in God and underneath are His everlasting hands:

"We often pray to be delivered from calamities; we even trust that we shall be; we can also pray to be made what we should be, in the very presence of the calamities; to live amid them, as long as they last, in the consciousness that we are, held and sheltered by the Lord, and can therefore remain in the midst of them, so long as they continue, without any hurt.

For forty days and nights, the Saviour was kept in the presence of Satan in the wilderness, and that, under circumstances of special trial, His human nature being weakened by want of food and rest. The furnace was heated seven times more than it was wont to be heated, but the three Hebrew children were kept a season amid its flames as calm and composed in the presence of the tyrant's last appliances of torture, as they were in the presence of himself before their time of deliverance came. And the livelong night did Daniel sit among the lions, and when he was taken up out of the den, "no manner of hurt was found upon him, because he believed in his God." They dwelt in the presence of the enemy, because they dwelt in the presence of God."

Thanks again for stopping by and all your prayers and encouragements. I hope to visit you as soon as I am better. Take care and have a blessed week.

Warm regards,

My brother took this picture at New Zealand

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