Monday, November 1, 2010

Lee Bennett Hopkins: WHY POETRY?

Lee Bennett Hopkins

This week at Wild Rose Reader, I’ll be featuring award-winning poet and anthologist extraordinaire (drum roll, please) Lee Bennett Hopkins—Mr. Poetry Man himself!
I’ll be posting my interview with Lee tomorrow. I encourage readers to ask Lee their own questions anytime during this week. I’ll be posting Lee’s responses to your questions next week.

(Note: You may email your questions to me (edotdrabikatyahoodotcom)—or you may leave your questions for Lee in any of the posts I write about him.)

Today, I’m just posting Lee’s poetic answer to a question he’s so often asked and links to reviews that I’ve written of some of the wonderful children’s poetry books that he has published over the years. I thought by doing this I'd help whet your Lee-terary appetites. Please come back tomorrow for my interview with Lee Bennett Hopkins.

Why Poetry?
Lee: I have been asked this question so many countless times that years ago I decided to write a poem to answer it:

by Lee Bennett Hopkins

(Reprinted by permission of Curtis-Brown, Ltd.)

Why poetry?
Why sunsets?
Why trees?
Why birds?
Why seas?
Why you?
Why me?
Why friends?
Why families?
Why laugh?
Why cry?
Why hello?
Why good-bye?
Why poetry?

That’s why!

Wild Rose Reader Poetry Book Reviews

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NOTE: Along with fellow kidlit bloggers Sylvia Vardell and Tricia Stohr-Hunt, I’ll be participating in a poet/blogger session at the NCTE Annual Convention in Orlando in November. Sylvia, Tricia, and I will be featuring the poet members of the panel (Lee Bennett Hopkins, Jame Richards, Pat Mora, and Marilyn Singer) at our blogs this week and next week and inviting reader participation.

Session Title: Poets and Bloggers Unite: Using Technology to Connect Kids, Teachers, and Poetry
Date: November 19th
Session/Time: A.09—9:30 am to 10:45 am
Format: Panel

Meet Marilyn Singer at The Miss Rumphius Effect
Featuring Pat Mora and NCTE at poetry for Children

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