Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's YOU TAKEOVER TUESDAY and today's question comes from Mariella in Tacoma, WA.  She e-mailed:

Dear AFOMFT, My best friend is pregnant with her first baby and her shower is next month.  I don't have kids yet so I bought a few things off her registry and some cute outfits that I'm going to put in the baby tub she wants but I'd really like to get her something cool to include too.  Is there anything that you can recommend that a new mom may not know she needs but probably shouldn't live without? 

This question is right up my alley.  Before I had kids, I picked the cutest things off the registry to give at showers but since Gabrielle and Alaina turned my world upside down (in a good way!), my perspective has totally changed.  Now I like to try to include with a few practical items that will make the mom-to-be's life that much easier once her bundle of joy arrives.  And the one thing that's always on my go-to shower gift list?  The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer.

Having a newborn (let alone two or more!) in the house pretty much turns your brain to mush.  Combine the crazy post-pregnancy hormones with the lack of sleep and retaining any information pretty much becomes impossible.  And considering keeping track of when your baby last pooped, ate and slept is what your world revolves around in those first few weeks, having no short-term memory becomes a big problem.  And that's why the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer rocks.

Developed by a new mom and dad who found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember baby care details, this handy gadget features four different timers that start counting with the touch of a button.  Each counter is clearly marked for its purpose - a diaper for changing, a bottle for feeding, Z's for sleeping and a star for whatever else you need to keep track of (the last dose of medicine, amount of tummy time, etc.).  There's also a nursing reminder on the bottom so you can keep track of which side you fed your baby from last, as well as timer alarms you can set in case you need to be alerted when your baby needs to be fed again, woken up from a nap, etc.  You'll never wonder how long it's been (ITZBEEN, get it?) again.  This timer truly becomes your brain!
When my girls came home from the hospital, I tried to use a notebook to keep track of everything they did but there were lots of times I would forget to write something down or I scribbled a notation in the middle of the night that I couldn't read 10 minutes later.  With the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer, you have everything spelled out for you on a digital display.  Plus, it's got a clip on the back so you don't forget it.  I used mine all the time to remind me when it was time to pump again or give my girls their reflex medicine.  The timer is also back lit, so I'd use it as a flashlight in their dark nursery too.  It was bright enough to keep me from tripping over the ottoman to their glider but not so bright that it woke them up.  Like, I said.  A life saver.

I thought I'd be done with the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer once the girls got older but I still find uses for it even as they get closer and closer to turning two.  How long have they been napping?  When is their time out over?  How much TV have they been watching?  Just set the timer and you're all set.  And I'm sure it will come in really helpful once we start trying to potty train this fall.

The only drawback about this product for me was that that I only had one timer for twins.  I really should have bought another one since the girls rarely stayed on the same schedule but I just never got around to it.  Multiple mamas-to-be are in luck, though, because they now come in a twin-pack that's less expensive than buying two separate ones.

So Mariella, if you want to get your friend a practical gift that will make her first months as a new mom easier, my vote goes to the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer.  For less than $25, you'll be giving her a gift she'll be oh so grateful for once her little one arrives - her sanity!

And one lucky AFOMFT reader is going to score an ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer of their very own.  To enter, visit the ITZBEEN website and post a comment here telling me which feature on the timer you think you'll use most (this is mandatory).  For additional entries:
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