Monday, May 24, 2010

Habs = Cheaters?

Apologies for not giving you prior warning, but I took a much needed break and had some fun in Eastern PA with my sister. I got a few funny looks and one (good natured) comment about driving an orange car with Penguins accessories all over it in Flyers country.

Hmm. I bet none of the Flyers snowjobbed this kid. (And that is seriously saying something about the A-hOle™ who did.)

So we know the Blackhawks have earned an invitation to the big dance, and tonight, the Flyers have a chance to close it out for the Eastern Conference. This is shaping up to be a Pens fan's worst nightmare, haha! Which team do you want to win? If you cheer for the Blackhawks, you'll be cheering for Hossa. If you cheer for the Flyers, well... You'll be cheering for the Flyers. That's a tough choice. Or perhaps the Habs can pull a Flyers on the Flyers and win 3 in a row for the Prince of Wales trophy and a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Share who your pick to win the Stanley Cup and why you think they're taking the big prize in The Friends' Zone.

Speaking of the Habs, though, it may be harder to root for them if the rumors are true - there may have been a little bit of underhandedness happening in Montreal this weekend. There are reports that sand was sprinkled on the Flyers' runway to their dressing room. Several Flyers players had to leave repeatedly for skate sharpenings throughout the first and second periods, lasting until the equipment manager put towels down the length of the runway so the players could walk from the dressing room to the bench without compromising the integrity of their skate blades during the third period.

So you really need to check this post out - I found it while looking for a picture of sand with a hockey stick. Incredible! :)

Of course the Canadiens are denying they had anything to do with it. (Make sure you scroll down far enough to read Jaroslav Spacek's needlessly sarcastic denial. What an arse he is.) If they did purposefully try to sabotage the Flyers, it failed epically. The Flyers shut them out 3-0. If you're watching Game 5, it's happening tonight at 7:00pm Eastern in Philly. Expect the Flyers' fans to have a few things to say about "Sandgate" during the match...

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