Friday, January 21, 2011

A Snowstorm Poem Three Ways

I'm living in a world of white. We've had a lot of snow here recently. I took these pictures during our snow/rain/sleet storm on Tuesday and this morning.

I was inspired to write a poem about the snow/a snowstorm on Wednesday. Then I remembered the beginning of a snowstorm poem that I had written decades ago. I composed a new poem in my head using what I could recall of the old poem while I was taking a shower that morning. Later, I looked through my folders and found Lion in Winter, the poem that I had written so many years ago. In that poem, I compared a winter storm to the king of beasts. Here it is:

Lion in Winter

The winter storm will
rage and roar,
scratch its cold claws on the door,
race around on frosty feet,
snap at autos in the street,
shake its snowy mane and growl--

A silver lion on the prowl
that bites your face with bitter chill
and preys upon the land until
the last of autumn's blazing gold
is quelled beneath its icy hold.

And here is the poem that I wrote on Wednesday morning:

This Winter Storm (I)

This winter storm will rage a roar,
Scratch its cold claws on our door,
Race around on frosty feet,
Howl at autos in the street,
Prowl around outside all day.
I’ll have to stay inside and play.

But I won’t have to go to school.
This winter storm is REALLY cool!

Question: Which version of my snow poem do you like better?


It's snowing here again I decided to write another version of This Winter Storm.

This Winter Storm (II)

This winter storm will rage and roar,
Pile up snow drifts by our door,
Howl and growl with all its might,
Bury everything in white,
Bend the branches of our trees,
Snap electric lines with ease,
Slow car traffic,
Close all schools.
Hip, hip, hooray!
This snowstorm rules!!!
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