Friday, January 28, 2011

The Poetry Friday Roundup Is Here!

The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Wild Rose Reader this week. Leave the URL of your poetry post in the comments. I'll be rounding up all the links throughout the day.

The Friday Morning Poetry Pack

Charles Ghigna—also known as Father Goose—says he’d like to “Open the door a little more with ONE at the Bald Ego blog. He’d also like to share a few SNICKERS with us.

Ruth has Pablo Neruda’s Ode to a Lizard at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town.

Toby Speed shares an original poem about a “famous shoe” at The Writer’s Armchair.

At the Poem Farm, Amy has poem #4 in her series of poems about reading and books—and poem #5 of sock week. (Amy's got original poems for us every day of the week--not just of Fridays.)

Mary Lee of A Year of Reading has an original acrostic about “balance” today. (She says she’s trying to get some in her own life.)

Irene Latham gives us Mary Oliver’s What Is the Greatest Gift? this Poetry Friday.

Poet Heidi Mordhorst shares an original poem by her daughter titled ask mom at My Juicy Little Universe.

At A Journey in Learning, Debbie Diller has a poem by Sallie Wolf titled Cardinals from Wolf's book The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound.

Over at The Stenhouse Blog, you’ll find the poem Teacher by Sharon Draper.

Diane Mayr says she’s looking at oatmeal poems this week at Random Noodling. And at Kurious K’s Kwotes, she’s got a quote by Mackenzie Conneellee. She’s also “remembering Reynolds Price at Kurious Kitty’s Kurio Kabinet.

David Elzey reexamines a puzzling moment of his youth called “job interview #1.”

Children’s poet Laura Salas shares a lovely original poem titled Wintry Warmth at Writing the World for Kids. She’s also in with her weekly 15 Words or Less Poems.

Jama Rattigan adds Tomatoes to the Friday feast over at Alphabet Soup—the poem Tomatoes by Stephen Dobyns, that is.

Dorraine Bennett has the winning poem from the regional Poetry Out Loud contest at DoriReads. It’s "Who Understands Me but Me" by Jimmy Santiago Baca.

At Semicolon, Sherry presents Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Tabatha Yeatts has Rattle for us this Poetry Friday.

Blythe Woodson gives us Figment: A Space for Poetry on Poetry Friday.

At Deo Writer, MsMac shares William Stafford’s Ask Me.

Ben at The Small Nouns has the latest in his Poetry Mix Tape series.

The Write Sisters are offering up Eleanor Lerman’s Starfish for our poetry reading pleasure.

In her post Stepping Toward the Brink—of Paper, author/poet Jeannine Atkins shares a poem she wrote about finding inspiration through her senses.

PaperTigers joins in the Poetry Friday fun with a post about Canadian poet P. K. Page.

I’m in at Wild Rose Reader with a first draft of an original poem titled It’s Snowing Again!which was inspired by all the winter storms we’ve had here recently.

The Literary Lunch Bunch

At Blue Rose Girls, I have an original fairy tale poem titled Dear Goldilocks that I wrote in the form of a letter.

Kelly Fineman is in with an excerpt from Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth—which relates to yesterday’s chapter of Pride and Prejudice at her blog Writing and Ruminating.

Janet Squires has a post about the book Bees, Snails, & Peacock Tails, which was written by Betsy Franco and illustrated by Steve Jenkins.

Tara says that a random encounter with a lost pet sign made her think about a particular Mark Doty poem.

Carlie serves up Aztec Drink in January, an original poem, at her blog Twinkling Along.

Sheri Doyle is revisiting a favorite poem by Ezra Pound today.

Take a one-click trip over to The Drift Record where award-winning poet Julie Larios has Double Abecedarian, an original double abecedarian about how to write double abecedarians.
I think I'd need more than one lesson to write one of those poems!

Early Evening Poetry Tastings

Liz Scanlon is in this Poetry Friday with some librarian love…

At One Deep Drawer, you’ll find a poem by W. A. Mathieu about Bach dying on the day after Mozart’s birth.

The Late Edition

Rasco from RIF has a poem by Linda Hull related to the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated on February 3rd.

You'll find a book spine poem over at Looking for the Write Words.

Saturday Morning Special

Sylvia Vardell has an interesting interview with award-winning poet and anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins about the future of publishing poetry for children. Click here to read the interview.

Special Edition Sunday

Over at TeachingAuthors they're talking about organizing your writing...and your life. April Halprin Wayland has an interview with Clutter Buster Brooks Palmer about his book . She also offers an original poem (and two drawings) about cleaning out the clutter.

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