Friday, October 29, 2010

An Original Fairy Tale Poem & Information about My NCTE Poetry Sessions

Here’s another poem from my unpublished collection Excerpts from the Fairy Tale Files.


Important message. Urgent. Read!
Our sage advice you must now heed.
Stay in the cottage. Don’t go out.
Your evil stepmom’s hereabout.
She’s dressed up as an ugly crone.
She knows that you are home alone.
Go lock the windows. Bolt the door.
Hide in the closet. Please ignore
Her coy attempts to sell you things:
Poison apples, combs, or rings.
She’s bent on murder. She won’t rest
Until her mirror says she’s best.
Don’t let her trick you. Use you head!
Or she’ll be fairest. You’ll be dead.

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NCTE Annual Convention News
I’ll be presenting at two sessions at the NCTE Annual Convention in Orlando.

Session Title: Poets and Bloggers Unite: Using Technology to Connect Kids, Teachers, and Poetry
Date: November 19th
Session/Time: A.09—9:30 am to 10:45 am
Format: Panel

Other children’s literature bloggers who’ll be participating in the session along with me are Sylvia Vardell of Poetry for Children and Tricia Stohr-Hunt of The Miss Rumphius Effect. The poet members of our panel will be Lee Bennett Hopkins, Jame Richards, and Marilyn Singer.

NOTE: I'll be featuring Lee Bennett Hopkins at Wild Rose Reader next week!

Session Title: Poetry for Children and Teachers at Its Best: The 2009 Notable Poetry Titles
Date: November 19th
Session/Time: C.20—12:30 pm to 1:45 pm
Format: Panel
Panel Members: The NCTE Excellence in Poetry Committee


At Blue Rose Girls, I have an original poem titled Look at the Man: A Poem Explaining Why Women with Mates Gain Weight, which I previously posted at my blog Political Verses.

Toby Speed has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Writer’s Chair.

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