Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Puddle Poems & Some Poetry for Spring

I’m certainly hoping that April showers will bring May flowers. We’ve had so much rain here lately I’m keeping my fingers crossed it's nature's way of telling me that I’ll be seeing a bounty of blossoms blooming around here next month.

But…what would spring be without rain showers? I loved to stomp in puddles when I was little. Here are two of my original spring puddle poems for you today—as well as a list of links to some of my previous posts about poetry for spring.


I’m in the middle of a puddle…
in the middle…
in a muddle.
The puddle’s much too deep.
It spilled
into my boots.
Now they’re filled
with muddy water
to the brim.
I hope my feet
know how to swim!


I’m stomping in a puddle,
Making drops of water fly.
Splashing them
Splashing them
Splashing them SO high.
I’m sending the raindrops
Back into the sky!

More Spring Poetry

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