Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pens v Canadiens

Well, this is it for the regular season, folks. (GEEZ!!! It really flew by, didn't it?!) Now let's take a look at how important this final game is:
  1. It is a must-win if we want home ice advantage. (This will also be dependent upon which team is victorious in tomorrow's Flyers v Rangers matchup, but we have to win tonight in order to have a chance to get home ice advantage.)

  2. It's Geno's last opportunity to add to his tally to clinch that Art Ross. He needs to widen the gap because A-hOle™ has one game left to play, too. But I'm not worried yet - Geno's already got 4 points on A-hOle™. Incidentally, Geno will be the fourth Penguin to win the trophy. ← 'Cause we all know it's gonna happen. ;)
So say it with me for one last time until we start down the road to the Cup:

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

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