Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Rocket Poem Three Ways

Try this: Write a poem about something. Then write about the same thing in another type of poem. I first wrote an acrostic about a rocket blasting into space. Then I thought I’d reword it and write about the rocket in a “things to do” list poem. Both poems were written over a year ago. Here they are:


Off the launch pad in a

Cloud of smoke,

Kicking off its invisible tether to

Earth, it blasts into space, blazing a

Trail, searing the sky with its fiery tail.

Things to Do If You Are a Rocket

Roar off the launch pad

in a cloud of smoke,

kick off your invisible tether to Earth,

blast into space, blazing a trail,

searing the sky with your fiery tail.

Yesterday afternoon, I had mask poems on my mind—so I thought I’d write a mask poem on the same subject—and let the rocket do the talking!

Rocket Talk

I’m waiting on the launch pad…
Revving my engines,
Listening for the countdown.
Ten, nine, eight…
I hear a voice shout: “Blast Off!”
I’m ready! I’m smokin’!
SNAP! I break my Earthly bond.
Watch me! Here I go
Blasting up into the atmosphere.
Can you see me searing the sky
With my fiery tail?
Can’t wait to pierce
The planet’s blue skin
With my nose cone,
Burst into space,
And see stars shining
In the middle of the morning.
Man in the Moon, here I come!!!

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