Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogging My Poetry

When I began blogging at Wild Rose Reader in April of 2007, there was something I had to seriously consider: Would it be wise to post my original unpublished poems here? At the time, I remember other writers who blog discussing the subject of putting our work “out there” without getting paid for it. Some thought it would be unwise. Even though I wasn't sure it was the smartest thing to do—I decided to post dozens of my original poems at Wild Rose Reader anyway.

Of the original poems I’ve posted here:
  • Some were written for Tricia’s weekly Poetry Stretches at The Miss Rumphius Effect.
  • Some were written specifically for posting at Wild Rose Reader.
  • Some were written for poetry collections that still remain unpublished.

I asked myself: Would any editors be interested in publishing a poetry collection I had written if some of its poems had already been posted on my blog? Would any anthologist/publisher ever pay me for permission to use any of these poems in anthologies?

I can answer the second question in the affirmative. Earlier this year, a poet/anthologist in the UK asked permission to use a poem I had posted in 2007 at Wild Rose Reader in an anthology that he's compiling. The poem will be included in the book My Cat Is in Love with the Goldfish and Other Loopy Love Poems. The book will be released next February. I also received a request from a well-known poet/anthologist in the United States in August. The anthologist asked if he could use two of my poems in a special project that is being published in conjunction with The Academy of American Poets. Hooray!!!

Once I started posting my original work at Wild Rose Reader I never looked back. I love writing poetry. I enjoy sharing my poetry with kidlit bloggers, poets, writers, teachers, and other visitors who stop by to read it. I like reading the comments people leave for me. After all, I write because I want to share my creative thoughts with others—and once in a while, it actually pays off!


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