Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Black and Gold Game

While slowly (but steadily!) making my way through my inbox, I came upon an email with a pair pictures for you:
Here's a couple pictures I have from the Black and Gold game that was played in Wilkes-Barre on September 17th. Sadly, there's no pictures of the boys, but it was totally awesome to see the Stanley Cup in person. One thing I never expected to see... I apologize for the quality of the first picture — I took it with the camera on my Blackberry:

But this next one is a better quality shot and is from a small little ceremony that they did with presenting the Cup at Center Ice at the Wachovia Arena:

I may be biased, but I think this just has to be the most beautiful trophy in professional sports.

The Black and Gold game was really fun to watch; it's not often that one gets to see Crosby and Malkin go head to head.

Can't wait to read about the Pens more, and I'll be down at the Flyers game on October 8th. Let me tell you, it's quite interesting to be a Pens fan in Flyers territory — I live just outside Philly — and it's especially interesting since my best friend is a die-hard Flyers fan!!

A new Friend of The Show...
Thanks so much for sharing the pics and welcome to The Show, Rita! :)

Check back here tomorrow for a special post - I need your help with something... ;)

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