Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pens v Rangers

The Blueshirts are coming into town today. YUCK. Any team that willingly allows IFSHA™ wear its sweater not once but twice! needs to get a good pummeling.

All right, here are the numbers as we head into today's matchup:
6Pittsburgh Penguins754027888
7New York Rangers753927987

Our Boys will want to put some more distance between these figures today with a win in regulation, but the Rangers will see today as an opportunity to leap-frog over us in the standings. Whatever happens, one thing is certain - make sure you take your heart medicine before you settle into your favorite chair for this one. No doubt this is going to be one intense game.

But I'm not worried. NHL top point scorers Siddo (#3) and Geno (#1) will let them know what's up. I only hope Siddo has a 5 point game so he can move back into the #2 spot. :)

DO IT x 5

I'll leave you with an interesting fact I just discovered. So everyone knows that A-hOle™ is an elite goal scorer, right? Well, I'm not sure how many of you realized that his shot percentage is actually quite low. (Even I might be able to score 50 goals if I took 500 shots on goal. Haha, okay, probably not! But you get my point.) Anyhoo, it wasn't a surprise to see that A-hOle™'s current shot percentage (11.0%) is lower than Geno's (12.3%) and Siddo's (13.4%), but it shocked the HECK out of me to see who's leading the league right now with the best shot percentage: ex-Pen and Pittsburgh native son Ryan Malone (21.4%)!

Way to go, Bugsy!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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