Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ideas To Pass The Off Season

After our Boys of Winter finally raise that Cup in June (← 'cause you KNOW it's gonna happen!), we'll need some things to pass the time until October. Ahhh, such is the life of a hockey fan, right? Well, I'm looking for ideas for projects we can do this summer.

I've already had one idea of my own... So as you know, I've been going through my inbox as I hand over all the Roaming Penguins stuff to Roamer Mama Stephanie. I've gone through about 160 emails, 25 of which were Roamer emails. But I also found just as many Fan Photos emails - and I've still got about 220 more to sort! I always do my best to post every photo that any and all Friends take the time to send me, so I was originally considering doing a Fan Photos post over the weekend, but then it occurred to me - how much better would it be to wait until after the playoffs are over to post them so we could relive these games while we're waiting for the puck to drop on the '09-'10 season?!

Speaking of photos, here's the best one you'll see all night. Can you believe we've got them BOTH?! :) Click to enlarge for supersized superstars.

So if you have some photos that you'd like to share over the summer break, send them to me at snoopyjode@gmail.com. Type "Fan Photos" in the subject line. (Actually, if you click that link, it will automatically open a new email in your default client with my address and the subject line already filled out.) Make sure when you send the pictures you remember to tell me at which game you snapped them and, if you want, write a recap of your experience. :)

If you have any other ideas of ways we can speed up our summer, email it to me or tell us about it in a comment in The Friends' Zone. Tomorrow the Pens host the Flames. Let's shake off that terrible Flyers game and kick some Calgary butt.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!

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