Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Youtube unblocked but strong filter is still on

Well, yes, many sites were unblocked here in China. I believe it is mainly because the situatiuon has "stabilized". But the strong filters on keywords such as "T\bet" are still on.

As a result, even videos on youtubes such as videos such as "Riot in T/bet: True face of Western media" and "T/bet Was, Is and Always Will be a Part of China" are still blocked. Because they contain the "keyword".

What this means is that the theory (as reported/hinted by many bloggers and MSM) that the unblocking of youtube was related to these 2 videos are without base. So far the only site that has managed to pass the strong filter test is anti-cnn.com (which was still blocked some 30 hours ago by the strong filter). The nanny has been very selective.

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