Friday, December 31, 2010

Therapeutic hobbies : Nature walks and Photography - Seeing God in the beauties of His creations in nature

Dear Friends,

How are you? Thank you for stopping by.

Thank God it is Thursday! I am reminded to give thanks to God.

♥ Today I am feeling a bit down. Not sure whether it is because I have been too busy and stressed up with a new freelance work assignments plus some visitations of the sick and elderly. Thank God for reminding me that He loves me and there are many things I can be thankful for daily. As I write this thankful post, I am beginning to feel a little better. I need to remember to count my blessings daily!

♥ Thank God for giving me an opportunity to go for a walk recently. I am often too busy to remember to slow down, relax and re-charge my batteries. I need to make time and effort to consciously take a break and spend time in nature. I love to go for walks in the nature park. Nature always remind me of what a great God we serve, He loves us dearly and is with us each day. He takes care of the lilies and feed the sparrow, we are of more values than many sparrow to Him. So today I thank God for the nature walk that refreshed me and help me to connect with God once again and remember His love and care.

♥ I thank God for giving me the joy of photography and of capture something of the beauties of His creations as reminders to me always of His majesty and love. Here are some pictures I took at Hort Park, Singapore. Hope you like them :)

To read more Thankful Thursday visit Laurie. Thank you for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed day!

Warm Regards,

18 March 2010

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