Friday, February 6, 2009

The Poetry Friday Roundup Is Here!

I'm doing the roundup this week. Please leave a note and the URL of your poetry post in the comments.

NOTE: I'll be out for some time today at the wake of a relative. I will continue adding links throughout the day.

Early Bird Edition

At Wild Rose Reader, I have reviews of a Valentine Hearts: Holiday Poetry and a picture book in verse entitled The Ballad of Valentine.

At Blue Rose Girls, I have a poem by the late John Updike entitled Burning Trash.

Julie Larios has a poem entitled Design by Billy Collins, one of my favorite poets, over at The Drift Record.

At Janet joins us with some children’s poetry about astronomy in her post Twinkle On at her blog Across the Page.

Cloudscome has a post featuring the great Langston Hughes at A Wrung Sponge—just perfect for Black History Month.

You can count on Tanita S. Davis for some oldies but goodies—some traditional “Counting Out” Rhymes—on Poetry Friday.

Like me, Sara Lewis Holmes is getting a head start on Valentine’s Day with A Love Song by William Carlos Williams at Read Write Believe.

Monica Edinger has a post about the talented Ashley Bryan, recipient of the 2009 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, at Educating Alice.

Laura Salas presents the poem Jaguar by Francisco X. Alarcon—and all the Fifteen Words or Less poems of the week.

Lisa Chellman of Under the Covers decided to take up a couple of poetry challenges this week. She gives us the results in her Poetry Friday post Promptalicious.

Jet informs me that she’ll be featuring poems of love and lust every Friday for the month of February at The Incredible Thinking Woman.

Laura Shovan says she’s got her hand in the candy jar with Rita Dove's Chocolate today at Author Amok.

At Mommy’s Favorite Children’s Books, Karen shares Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Head on over to Shelf Elf for Famous, a poem by the great Naomi Shihab Nye.

Tricia’s sharing Paul Laurence Dunbar’s Spring Song with us at The Miss Rumphius Effect. I don’t know what the weather’s like in Virginia—but our poor old Massachusetts groundhog won’t be coming up for fresh spring air for a loooong time!

Diane of The Write Sisters reviews the book Wabi Sabi, one of my favorite picture books of 2008, and shares an original haiku.

Kurious Kity is exploring poetry about Abraham Lincoln today.

Our blogging epicurean, Jama Rattigan is sharing Say I Am You, by Rumi, with us today.

Sarah N. has Thomas Merton’s Zero Weather for us at In Need of Chocolate.

Do check out Linda Kulp’s lovely original poem Singing Lessons at Write Time.

This week's poem on the Stenhouse Blog is an original by Lucy Tobin: English Lessons with a Tibetan Refugee Ex-Monk.

At Black-Eyed Susan, you’ll find a poem by Nikki Giovanni entitled Quilts.

Jennifer Knoblock joins us poetry posters with a Scrabblepoem at Ink for Lit.

Lorie Ann Grover shares Garden, an original poem written by her daughter for the collection they are writing for a resort in Cancun. She’s also got her original poem Playful at Readertotz.

At Check It Out, Jone has posted some of her students’ poems.

John Mutford says he’s in with a poem by Italian-Canadian poet, Domenico Capilongo at The Book Mine Set.

Sylvia Vardell has posted a list of more children's poetry to come in 09 and a poem-slide show on what's poetry at Poetry for Children.

More Friday Morning Poetry Posts

Our fellow blogger and popular children’s poet Douglas Florian gives us another sneak peek at his soon-to-be-published poetry collection about prehistoric animals entitled Dinothesaurus. Today he presents a poem about Pterrifying Pterosaurs at the Florian Café. (P.S. The poem’s pterrific!)

Barbara H. of Stray Thoughts has two winter poems today, The Snow Folks by an unknown author and The Winter Evening by William Copwer.

Susan Thomsen joins us in the roundup with a link to John Updike's Saying Goodbye to Very Young Children at Chicken Spaghetti.

Today, at A Habit of Reading, Fiddler gives us a poem about music. This poem is by Elizabeth Bishop, a 20th Century, New England-born writer.

Karen Edmisten is in with a poem by e. e. cummings entitled i carry your heart with me.

Nandini was up half the night with a sick child. Inspired by the experience, she presents, for our Poetry Friday reading pleasure an original poem entitled Sick Kid at Notes from New England.

At Page after Page, Kim has a lovely little poem by Sara Teasdale and a Vincent van Gogh painting.

Tracie Zimmer has an untitled poem by Izumi Shikibu from THE INK DARK MOON.

Little Willow has posted The Picture-Show over at Bildungsroman.

Yat-Yee Chong contributes to the Poetry Friday Roundup this week with Adding it Up by Phillip Booth.

The Literary Lunch Bunch

At Knocking from the Inside, Tiel Aisha Ansari gives us an original AI Sonnet that she wrote without(?) the help of computers or anything else. Honest!

Head on over to Scrub-a-Dub-Tub for a review of Kenn Nesbitt’s book My Hippo Has the Hiccups and Other Poems I Totally Made Up.

Annie says that she’s been thinking a lot about possibilities this week and that brought Emily Dickinson to mind. Check out her Poetry Friday post at Crazy for Kids Books.

Over at A Patchwork of Books, Amanda is featuring the book The Negro Speaks of Rivers, with a poem by Langston Hughes.

Becky has a review of Jazz ABZ by Wynton Marsalis at Becky’s Book Reviews.

At Liz in Ink, Liz shares some musings on space and The Aged Sun, a poem by J. Patrick Lewis.

Anastasia Suen says she’s got a jazzy picture book for us today: Cool Daddy Rat.

Jill presents Immersed, her final poem for the “unofficial” Jill Corcoran's Original Poem Poetry Week.

This week, Kelly Fineman gives us a Poetry Friday post about Epigrams at Writing and Ruminating. Kelly also has a short original poem entitled Tides for us today.

Poetry Friday: Evening Edition

Kelly Polark has some Eloise Greenfield for us today—as well as a remembrance of a children’s literature course she took in college and the teacher who taught it.

Meredith has some Emily Dickinson for us today at Happy Hearts Mom.

Mary Lee of A Year of Reading says she joining the poetry posters with metaphors -- Billy Collins', hers, and her students'.

Martha Calderaro has thoughts about music today, so she’s linked to lyrics of a David Byrne/Brian Eno song. Martha is curious what Poetry Friday bloggers might be listening to these days for inspiration. She welcomes all to join the conversation at her blog.

At Brand New Ending, Schelle shares a little of her VERY hot summer with us in her original ballade Eucalyptus trees.

Debbie Diesen of Jumping the Candlestick shares an original poem about February—which she claims is NOT her favorite month.

Late Night Edition

Becky at Farm School has midnight snack of poems about (and by) Abraham Lincoln for us.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers shares an original poem inspired by Collins and Friot at 365 Memories, Poems, and Slices of Life.

Saturday Morning Music

Mike Thomson of Dominant Reality gives us the lyrics of The Trapeze Swinger, a song written by Sam Beam—and a video of the song performed by Beam and the band Iron & Wine.

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