Friday, March 25, 2011

Crocus Poems: Variations on a Theme

Sometimes, I like to write different types of poems on the same subject. Today, my subject is crocuses. I posted three of these poems previously at Wild Rose Reader--the acrostic, haiku, and tanka. I just wrote rough drafts of the cinquain and mask poems this morning.

Coming up, I’m coming up,
Reaching through the softening soil, poking my petals
Out of the earth,
Collecting sunlight in my purple cup.
Up, I’m coming up.
Spring is on the way!

Look! A starting line
of crocuses ready
to sprint into spring

Tanka (3/5/3/5/5)

pierce the softening
soil, push up
purple periscopes,
search for spring’s warm face.

Cinquain (Rough Draft)

Can’t wait for spring,
Pokes its purple head out
Of the ground. Showers in sunshine
All day.

Crocus Mask Poem (Rough Draft)

I poked my head up.
What I found:
A snow quilt
Covering the ground.
I think I’ll stick around.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is at A Year of Reading.

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