Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It Snowed and Snowed: An Original Poem

Well...the storms just keep on a comin' and a comin' this winter. I don't get out much these days. Yesterday, it snowed again. Today we had another storm, which started out as an ice storm...then it changed to rain...and then to snow. I think it will be June before all the white stuff around here melts!

Being snowbound has had a bright side for me though. I've be taking lots of pictures of snow and icicles and sunsets and have been inspired to write poetry again. That's a relief because I've had writer's block for months.

Here are some pictures that I took this morning and a poem that I wrote this afternoon:

It Snowed and Snowed

It snowed all day.
It snowed all night.
It snowed and snowed.
Two feet of white
covered everything in sight.
Our yard,
our deck,
our walk,
the road
don’t look the same
because it snowed...
and snowed
and snowed
and snowed
and snowed.
I dress up in my winter wear
and step out in the frosty air.
I look around and what I see
is a marshmallow world
waiting for me!

Here are links to some of the other poems I've written recently:

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